XMeets review



Xmeets originally started with a pretty innovative idea. It was an online adult dating site for couples that wanted to split up and meet the exgirlfriends or exboyfriends of others. Following the same sort of concept as you would with any other kind of goods and services site, Xmeets managed to commoditize dating in a way that seemed to take all the awkwardness out of a recent breakup, and turned having sex with strangers on the rebound into a hobby everyone could wrap their arms around!

Since those early days the community at xmeets has continued to evolve. Now the site also has a huge mix of singles and even some active couples seeking out playmates for their next dating adventures together. The interface of the site remains noticeable sparse, and it's fair to say that when it comes to finding a new lover, Xmeets doesn't bother with all the bells and whistles.

Going From One Bed To The Next

The core ideals of xmeets are that members should live life without regrets and should be able to share their most intimate moments with other open-minded adults in a way that is fast and easy. It's just the emotional baggage some people want to carry with them from past relationships that holds everyone back, and the entire xmeets ethos is about stripping that all away as quickly as we can.

In the end, time is the most precious resource any of us, so why waste any of it with silly feelings like guilt or shyness, when you can simply choose to live your life out loud with love and lust at the forefront of your mind instead?!

Bottom Line

When you join Xmeets, you'd best bring your “A” game with you. The site is full of real dating enthusiasts who have been openly sharing themselves with the community for years. Many of the people on Xmeets are here permanently, with little interest in any kind of relationship, preferring instead of live the singles lifestyle forever while meeting amazing new people every week and getting the opportunity to share what they have learned while going from bed to bed along their journey toward sexual nirvana.