Fuckbook review



From Facebook To Fuckbook With Love? Fuckbook has a familiar sounding name for sure, and anyone with a social media account can see the similarities, but don't worry – Facebook already famously tried to sue Fuckbook out of business and lost in court. That's right, Fuckbook stood up for themselves and told Zuckerberg what he could do with his weak sauce lawsuits, which has allowed their community to thrive and earned countless accolades from independent site owners everywhere ever since.

Is Fuckbook A Dating Site?

Yes you could call it a dating site, but it's really more of a no strings attached way to find one night stands and afternoon fuck parties in your own local area. When you become a member at Fuckbook, everyone knows you aren't there to have a quiet first “date” at a café with a girl who is unlikely to kiss on the first date.

Is Fuckbook A Sure Thing On Every Date?

No, of course not… there is no guarantee you'll have sex, since people do need to meet in person and make their own decisions on whether to have sex or not. Your odds are very good, and one might say it's likely each date results in sex with someone new, but you should always be mindful of the need for consent. Just because a hot girl signs up for a Fuckbook account and agrees to meet you, there is still a need for you to earn your place in between her legs during that rendezvous.

Bottom Line

It's really nice to be able to support Fuckbook, because without their decision to take Facebook all the way to court without settling, there is a chance all online dating would have been controlled by Facebook and that asshole Zuckerberg. Seriously, if you are Mark Zuckerberg don't bother making a Fuckbook account because nobody wants to fuck you… but for anyone else looking to meet local singles for hardcore sex without any kind of long term commitment Fuckbook is a great way to get it done!