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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

The Luster Has Faded From Ashley Madison Since They Got Hacked

Many of us remember their television ads and radio spots, openly calling on cheating housewives and husbands looking for extramarital hookups to visit Ashley Madison and become part of a dating community specifically designed to fulfill the wishes of spouses in search of no strings attached affairs. It was a great place to get laid until they got hacked.... and that was a huge mess. Now my dick still wants to visit their site but my identity and my credit card never will again.

There Are Better Places To Get Laid Online Now

Ashley Madison was featured on the Oprah show back in the day, and honestly who doesn't want to fuck Oprah?! However, their star faded as divorce lawyers combed through their hacked database and went after cheating housewives just for doing what we all want to do when our husbands are away on business trips. Fortunately newer sites like Hookup Stop seem to have taken security more seriously and have never been hacked since they started.

The site itself feels solid with plenty of people willing to admit they have gotten laid after joining. Some people have even married people they met on Ashley Madison, which seems to defeat the whole point of joining a site to find sex outside of marriage but to each their own... it's just difficult or impossible to imagine rejoining a site that has become most famous for the fact that it let its entire database of users get publicly revealed without doing anything to compensate anyone.

Bottom Line

When Ashley Madison came out it was like the hot college coed letting dozens of classmates take turns finding out what she could do in the most intimate dorm room moments. Now, the site is like an older whore, chain smoking cigarettes and lamenting the way it let its prime years quickly fade. Meanwhile dozens of newer sites with advanced security, fun new features and a much more vibrant community of likeminded locals have taken over and built themselves into the sort of easy dating lifestyle sites this one is unlikely to ever become again.